Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Year For me!

January 11th- Got engaged to my best friend, my love Ryan... :):)
I cannot tell anyone how excited I am to maRRy him in the temple! I am excited to be in LoVe, have FaLLen in LoVe, found the one i am going to be with for forever. My heart just flutters when i think about
it... Am I making you sick yet? I’ll stop: ) January 11th was also Ryan’s 28th birthday, Kevin (Ry’s Pop) also proposed to Kimbur (Ry’s mama) on his birthday.. Which I thought was absolutely adorable… the story behind the diamond it was Kevin's grandfathers, he was going to give it to his first son, never had one, so he gave it to his first grandson, kevin. Kevin gave it to his first son Ryan, then we can contuine the tradition and give it to our first son:)… I feel so special to wear a diamond on my finger that has been passed down and has been around for such a long time and of course because my dearest sweet future mother-in-law has been wearing it for almost 30 years… crazy huh?

January 26th- Ryan goes back to school hurray!
February 6th- Baby Jayden Rose! (Hurry up already!)My oldest sister Lauren has been pregnant for 40 weeks today (January 30th) has not even dilated to a centimeter. The doctors told her if she hasn’t has any progression by the third then she will have to be induced by the 6th... Which she doesn’t want because she is doing the whole natural thing (Bradley Method) which I think is amazing for her to do! So for now we wait for baby Jayden Rose to come to this world! We all cant wait!

February 16th- thirteen months later... I am graduating from cosmetology school! I cannot tell you how excited I am to actually start working... Sadly I have nothing lined up; however I do have great faith that I will find a position shortly after I graduate!

February 25th- I take my state board exam to get my license! This makes my stomach turn every time I think about it!

March 28th- My birthday!!!!! Yay, I will be 23 :)

April- Continue planning our wedding :)

May 14th and 15th- Mandi and Andrew are getting maRRied and I'm a bridesmaid!

June 5th- The big day! I really can't wait.

I just realized that this is half of 2010! Time really does go by fast…Love it while your in it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Coronado Island

Our Coronado Island Adventure:
-Bike ride
-More biking
-Back on the ferry


- incredibly lucKy to have sucH a swEEt, considerate, andorable b0yfriend.